Annapoorna Protein Mix for Siddlaghatta Taluk Schools

Annapoorna added a new approach to addressing the mission of building Nutrition by introducing a protein mix that will be given to school children as a part of their morning nutrition.

Since rural school children are seen to have lower levels of nutrition, Annapoorna has come up with this protein mix, which will be mixed with the milk that is being provided by the Government of Karnataka under the Ksheera Bhagya Scheme.

The official launch at the Siddlaghatta taluk in Chikkaballapur district was done last week, with the Vice Chancellor of Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Higher Medical Sciences and others joining the programme.

All the 250 schools covering 12000 school Children at Siddlaghatta taluk (in Chikkaballapur district) will be provided with this Annapoorna protein mix to help develop balanced nutrition in the children. The contents form a wholesome meal in itself, which can be beneficial particularly for under nourished and malnourished children.


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