Canva Create—Work Redesigned Event in the US, 23rd May 2024

On 23rd May, Canva, Inc., organized its annual product launch event at the YouTube Theatre in the US. It was the first time the event was hosted in the US, and undoubtedly the excitement among all Canva users was palpable.


Vivek Kumar, Marketing Head of our Trust, was traveling to the US and got the chance to attend the event. He met all the founders of the company and updated them about the work that we are doing in India.


It is important to mention that Annapoorna Trust is an approved non-profit by Canva. In the event, a lot of new features that are now available on the portal were showcased. Right from marketing, HR, Sales, and Creative features were presented in a very lively and interactive manner and the whole auditorium was abuzz with what phenomenal ease Canva has brought to thousands of organizations across the world when it comes to designing.

Mr. Kumar also got the chance to meet Ms. Robyn King, Head of Social Impact, and update her about the activities carried out in the government schools in India. She was very appreciative of the work and promised that she would like to work with Annapoorna Trust whenever the organization has a focus on working in India for its social impact projects.


Mr. Kumar also got the chance to meet Mr. Guy Kawasaki, Chief Evangelist, and update him about the work. He was also very appreciative of the work and wished Annapoorna Trust the best.


Overall, it was a great event to participate in, learning about new features of the portal that aim to commoditize design and how it can be integrated into various activities of the organization to streamline the processes.


We look forward to working with Canva for a deeper impact on the society.

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