LG (Life’s Good) with Annapoorna Trust – Building-the-nation through nutrition initiative

“If one dreams, it is a dream; if all start dreaming, it becomes a reality!”


Making India malnutrition-free is possible, but not easy. It requires concerted target-oriented efforts by everybody to make this dream possible. Annapoorna Trust is at the forefront of building the nation through nutrition. Advocating the 3S principle (Sarkara – Samaja – Sanstha), Annapoorna is working in sync with the 3S principle along with the government and corporates to achieve the dream. The partnership of Annapoorna with LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd. started in the year 2023-24, benefiting nearly 25,000 government school children in Karnataka, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh, through the Morning Nutrition program. They were provided with SaiSure Malt Multi Nutrient Health mix along with milk, and health snacks like Ragi laddoos, biscuits, and chikkis.


LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most formidable brands in consumer electronics, home appliances, IT hardware, and mobile communications space. LG Electronics’ brand philosophy is making, ‘LIFE’s GOOD’ for people. LG launched the ‘Life’s Good Nutrition Program,’ an initiative aimed at ensuring the well-being and proper nutrition of school-going children in government schools across the nation. This endeavour intended to address the critical issue of childhood malnutrition and the overall cognitive and physical development of the nation’s future leaders.


Employee Volunteering


In October 2023, nearly 50-60 employees of LG participated in their LG Voluntary Social Campaign and celebrated the ‘Joy of Giving,’ by inviting the school children of Delhi’s Gyan Shakti Vidyalaya (Annapoorna Morning Nutrition Beneficiary School) to their office. The children were given loads of entertainment ranging from a magic show, and dance performances, followed by an elaborate spread of menu in the lunch. Before leaving, they were gifted with school bags, art and craft supplies, and stationery items, and were encouraged to study well and come up well in life.




The Morning Nutrition program has brought in a positive impact on the children in various ways. Overall health improvements like an increase in weight and height, better immunity, and improved vital parameters. These have led to improved attendance, faring well in academics, improved focus and concentration, and motivation for teachers to teach bright and enthusiastic children with filled stomachs.




Some of the teachers and headmasters of the schools are saying,

1) There are 82 children studying from 1st grade to 8th grade in our school – Government Higher Primary School, Guyyalahalli, Gauribidanur, Chikkaballapur. These children are receiving SaiSure Multi Nutrient Health Mix, which is mixed with milk and consumed, by Annapoorna Trust and LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd. The children are consuming this happily every day and is improving their health. I thank them on behalf of our school staff for providing Morning Nutrition to our school children.


 – N Amrutha – Assistant Teacher, Government Higher Primary School, Guyyalahalli, Gauribidanur, Chikkaballapur district

2)  We are receiving SaiSure Multi Nutrient Health mix from Annapoorna Trust. It provides nutrition to our children. The fruitful effects of these have been that the children are having SaiSure with milk happily and they are full of life now. They are actively participating in various activities. On behalf of the school, I would like to thank you and wish that you continue this noble service.


N Gopala Krishna Singh – Headmaster, Government Higher Primary School, Beechaganahalli, Gudibande, Chikkaballapur

3) In the last 1.5 years, 100 children in our school are receiving SaiSure Multi Nutrient Health mix from Annapoorna Trust. This Health mix has all the essential and required nutrients and is consumed with milk, and all the school children – boys and girls are showing improvement in both physical and mental health. Attendance in morning assemblies has increased as well. On behalf of the school staff, I express my heartfelt gratitude to the Trust.


 – Gulshan Gupta, Headmaster,

Higher Primary School, Hakikatpur, Prayag, Kiratpur, Bijnor, UP

4) Annapoorna Trust provides SaiSure Chocolate Malt Multi Nutrient Health mix with milk to our school children. The Trust has also been providing nutritious biscuits, and protein-rich chana poha to our children earlier. Our school staff is grateful for the wonderful service initiatives of Annapoorna Trust and LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd.


– Sanjay Jain, Headmaster, G P S Firozpur, Palwal

 Annapoorna Trust looks forward to continued partnership with LG Electronics towards working for malnutrition-free India.

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