Launch of SaiSure Millet (Ragi) Multi Nutrient Health Mix in Shirdi, Maharashtra

Annapoorna Trust launched its Morning Nutrition program in the Divine land of Shirdi, Maharashtra on 20th December 2023.

Around 3,000 government school children across 29 schools will receive fortified Ragi and Jaggery health mix as part of the Morning Nutrition. Ragi, or Finger Millet, is considered a wholesome meal, a superfood rich in iron, calcium, proteins, vitamins, and so on. Given its nutritional and therapeutic benefits for the human body, it is recommended by paediatricians to incorporate Ragi into the daily diet of every child. It is rich in calcium, contains a lot of protein, is a mineral-dense food, is antimicrobial (prevents infections) in nature, contains antioxidants to boost immunity, enhances the production of milk in lactating mothers, and the list goes on.

The launch event was attended by the Kendra Pramukhs and HMs of both clusters, Shirdi and Rahta. Mr. Tukaram Erande – HM of Shirdi Government School, Mr. Sanjay Nale – HM of Rahta Government School, Mr. Shailesh Oak – a doctor at Shirdi Government Hospital, Mr. Santosh Allath – National Manager of Annapoorna Trust, Mr. Anil Lingayat – Senior Executive Operations of Annapoorna Trust, Mr. Santosh Agarwal – Active volunteer of Annapoorna Trust in Vidarbha region, were present.

Mr. Tukaram Erande expressed his gratitude for the Morning Nutrition program in his speech by saying he was delighted for the project to have started in the Divine land of Shirdi. He assured the smooth execution of this program in all nearby schools. Similar thoughts were echoed by Mr. Sanjay Nale as well.

Current reach in Maharashtra with regards to Morning Nutrition Intervention by Annapoorna Trust in Government schools is:

DistrictNo of studentsNo of schools

Mr. Santosh Allath said, “We have initiated Morning Nutrition in 4 districts of Maharashtra – Kolhapur, Sindhudurg, Pune and Ahmednagar. SaiSure Millet (Ragi) Multi Nutrient Health Mix with Jaggery will be given as part of Morning Nutrition for over 8,200 students in total. We will also be starting in Mumbai metro city shortly.”

Good health is a fundamental right of every child. A well-educated and healthy population in a country is necessary for economic growth, poverty reduction, and reducing inequality. Aligned with its motto, ‘Let No Child Go to School Hungry, Ever!’ Annapoorna Trust is at its height in reaching out to each and every needy child of the nation.

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