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Restart of Morning Nutrition Program in Bangalore with Narayana Health

On 25th July 2023, an official restart of the Morning Nutrition Program in Kengeri, a suburb of Bangalore, took place in the presence of the officials of Narayana Health and Annapoorna Trust. Morning nutrition had already started in these schools at the beginning of July 2023. A total of 1,000 students across 12 schools are benefited in this Bangalore South region. They are provided with cooked breakfasts like upma, avalakki, puliyogare, lemon rice, etc.


Previously, in the year 2022, 360 students received morning nutrition with this intervention. Gradually, the nearby schools showed interest in getting themselves enrolled in this program, which resulted in a greater number of students getting benefited by Annapoorna Trust in collaboration with Narayana Health.

Headquartered in Bangalore, Narayana Health (NH), is associated with the mission of delivering high-quality, affordable healthcare services to the broader population of India. NH, through its CSR policy, aims to make a positive difference in the lives of the people by engaging in activities that eliminate or alleviates pain and suffering in the underprivileged sections of the society. With a number of programs like H.O.P.E, Suposhan, Mobile Mammography Screening, E-Health Centre Program, NCD program, Udaan, Care Companion Program, and Community Radio Program, NH focuses on striving towards better Health, Education, Environment, and Culture.

The event was held at Ramasandra Government School. With a large, spacious playground, the school is very ambient and provides a serene environment to the children studying there. The official restart of morning nutrition took place in the presence of Mr. Ankit Shrimali – Head CSR Fund Raising of NH, Mr. Muthuraj – Regional CSR Head of NH Karnataka, Mr. Krishna – Food Consultant and advisor to Narayana Health. Annapoorna Trust was represented by Mr. Ashish Bharadwaj – National CSR Manager, Mr. Vivek Kumar – Social Media Management Manager, Mr. Sushanth Karanth – Corporate Communications Manager, and Mr. Sai Bhaskar – Partner Relationship Manager. The staff of the schools and local community were also present. Mr. Johnny – SDMC Head, Mr. Rangaswamy – SDMC Coordinator, Mr. Venkatesh – Headmaster of Ramasandra School, and Mrs. Sarojamma – Headmistress of a school in Babusabarapalya, were present. Ms. Nalini from Chikkanahalli and Ms. Sushma from Bhuvaneshwarinagara also participated in the event.


Mr. Venkatesh – Headmaster of Ramasandra school, addressed the gathering by first expressing his gratitude and delight of having started morning nutrition in their school. Explaining that the children hail from poor economic background and their parents majorly being migrant labourers, this daily morning nutrition would immensely benefit them. He thanked Narayana Health and Annapoorna Trust for this noble initiative.

Further, Mr. Sushanth Karnath – Corporate Communications Manager of Annapoorna Trust, spoke to the gathering that Narayana Health, on the one side, is committed to providing quality medical care and excellent patient service, and on the other side, to improving the quality of local communities by providing morning nutrition at Government schools.


Mr. Muthuraj – Regional CSR Head of NH, Karnataka, assured scholarships to needy students.  He also notably remarked that this intervention would stop the children from partaking in unhealthy junk food like biscuits, peppermints, snacks, etc, especially in the wee hours.


Without care, society would be impossible. Creating an inclusive society where individuals’ needs and concerns are recognized, is the collective responsibility of every individual, community, and government, thereby creating a healthy and happy nation.

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