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Annapoorna Trust’s meet with School Education Department officials in Maharashtra – 20th April 2023


On 20th April 2023, Annapoorna Trust, represented by Mr. Santosh Allath, the National Manager, met the School Education Department officials, in Maharashtra –


Mr. Pramod Patil, Under Secretary of School Education


Mr. Ranjit Singh Deol (I.A.S.), Hon’ble Secretary, School Education and Sports Department


Mr. Deepak Vasant Kesarkar – Hon’ble Minister, School Education, Marathi Bhasha

Mr. Santosh Allath briefed them about Annapoorna Trust’s presence currently in the Vidarbha and Solapur regions of Maharashtra, where the government school-going children are being served SaiSure multi-nutrient health mix and Ragi Cereal Health mix along with health cookies. He also explained about the Morning Nutrition program carried out by the Trust in 23 states and 5 Union Territories, serving more than 12,00,000 Govt. school children. A proposal for further expansion in various other districts in the state was also discussed.


He also met the Cabinet Minister of Education of Maharashtra, Mr. Dipak Kesarkar, to whom he apprised about the Morning Nutrition program and informed about the proposal for expansion. The minister graciously listened and asked his secretary to follow up further.


Annapoorna Trust looks forward to getting permission to start in other districts of Maharashtra soon.

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