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SaiSure health mix launch in Ramagondanahalli school in Bengaluru East in association with Whitefield Ready, 4th July 2022

On 4th Jul 2022, distribution of SaiSure multi nutrient health mix was launched in Ramagondanahalli government school in Bengaluru East. This is being jointly executed by volunteers from Whitefield Ready supported by Rotary Bengaluru IT Corridor in association with Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust.


Whitefield Ready is a volunteer driven organisation that has been working with students in five Govt. schools in Whitefield, Bengaluru since 2018. The volunteers teach English and Maths and also collaborate with other NGOs to bring in programs related to dance, art, music, and sports etc.


GHPS Ramagondanahalli is one of the schools adopted by Whitefield Ready and it is in a unique PPP model with the Govt. of Karnataka wherein English medium classrooms are run by teachers appointed by an international school, Inventure Academy and also supported by Teach For India, a non-profit organization and volunteers from Whitefield Ready. The infrastructure upgrades in the school are mainly done by Rotary Bengaluru IT Corridor through CSR funds from various corporates.



Milk is provided to this school by Ksheera Bhagya scheme of Government of Karnataka where Akshaya Patra are the implementing partners. SaiSure adds the nutritional element in the form of the health mix. This health supplement is known to improve immunity, enhance cognition, optimize weight gain, increase bone mass, and ensure healthy blood. This school has grown from barely 200 students in 2019 to almost 800 students in a short span of three years. Most of the children who come to school belong to families who work as daily wage labourers. A noble thought to improve the nutrition levels in children led to two organizations with common visionary goals, Whitefield Ready and Annapoorna Trust to partner for a good cause. This is an exemplary example of 3S principle which advocates the role of Sarkaara (Government), Samstha (Good Institutions) and Samaja (Society and individuals at large) joining hands for a larger cause.


Annapoorna Trust expresses its gratitude to Ms. Sumedha Rao who is an active volunteer from Whitefield Ready and also a Program Manager at GHPS Ramagondanahalli.

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