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SaiSure – Multi nutrient health mix launch in Sira, Tumkur district on 25-Feb-2022

Launch of SaiSure – multi nutrient health mix took place in Sira taluk of Tumkur district on 25-Mar-2022. Since the last three years, Morning Nutrition is already operational in Tumkur smart city & Siddaganga Math, Madhugiri, Pavagada, Korategere taluks of Tumkur district. Sira taluk was also added to this list on this graceful day wherein SaiSure – Multi nutrient health mix will be provided to government school going children.


The programme took place at Neralegudda cluster – GHPS Ganadahunase Village in Sira taluk in the presence of Mr. B Sathyanarayana – Chairman of Sri Sathya Sai Karunya Niketanam, Tumkur, Mr. Rakesh – Secretary & Warden of Sri Sathya Sai Karunya Niketanam.



Mr. Santhosh Allath – National manager, Mr. Kiran B P – Karnataka state in charge, Mr. P Rajiv – Asst manager, Mr. Krishna Reddy & Mr. Ramesh represented Annapoorna Trust along with mid-day meal director of Sira taluk, headmaster, teachers & children of GHPS Ganadahunase school. A total of 12 schools comprising of 548 students will be benefited by this Morning Nutrition.



Mr. B Sathyanarayana while addressing the audience, stressed on the need to develop a quality of helping others & deriving happiness by serving needy people. Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust is now feeding more than 500,000 children across 21 states & 3 union territories morning nutrition to government school going children with a vision, “Let no child go to school hungry ever!”. It is notable that going forward, schools surrounding Sri Sathya Sai Karunya Niketanam campus are also served SaiSure every day. This supplement meets the requirement of proteins, vitamins, minerals as well as micronutrients for growing children & has resulted in improvement in health parameters such as – decline in wasting, stunting, malnutrition, and better BMI in children.



One of the girls who was witnessing the distribution of SaiSure, without any prompting, came forward on her own and spoke of her aspirations that she would become a District Commissioner after completing her education and would help needy people like what is being done currently. This is the kind of transformation that selfless service would bring in an individual.


Mr. Santhosh Allath concluded the talk stating that, SaiSure is available in chocolate, almond & vanilla flavours. Children relish the chocolate flavour the most. SaiSure is added to milk and consumed. This would add value to the Government schemes as well since milk is being provided by the Government. 


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