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Morning Nutrition Expansion – 1500 children served in 20 schools – Mehaboob Nagar – Telangana – Feb 2018

Annapoorna Trust goes strong with its initiative to ensure no child goes to school hungry. It has been seen, children enjoying a nutritious breakfast are more active and engaged well in their education.


As the students of standard 10 prepared for the board exams scheduled in the month of March, Annapoorna volunteers came forward to nourish these children with a healthy breakfast every morning which would eventually help them to study well and score better in the exams. Over 1500 students of standard 10, were served morning breakfast in 20 Govt Schools of Mehaboobnagar region in the state of Telangana.


With sincere gratitude to the supporting staff, teachers and village panchayat in the preparation, Annapoorna is marching on with zest and enthusiasm towards nutrition building of our nation!

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