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SaiSure Morning Nutrition launch in Washim and Buldhana districts, Maharashtra – 20th and 21st September 2022

SaiSure Morning Nutrition program was launched in Washim district for 528 children and in Buldhana district for 510 children on 20th and 21st September 2022 respectively.

These districts are located in the region of Vidarbha. Vidarbha is less economically prosperous when compared to other regions of Maharashtra and has hot humid climate with considerable poverty & malnutrition. Prior to this launch, Morning Nutrition was launched by Annapoorna Trust in Akola, Amravati, Yavatmal & Solapur districts in Maharashtra.

On 20th September 2022, the launch event was held in Nagar Palika Girls school in Karanji Lad Taluk in Washim district. A total of 528 children in 4 different schools – Nagar Palika Hindi school, Nagar Palika Girls school, Nagar Palika School No.2 and Nagar Palika School No.6, will receive SaiSure health mix as Morning Nutrition. The HMs of 4 schools – Mr. Arun Rathod, Mr. Ravi Bagat, Mr. Rajeswar Ingle and Mr. Pradip Raut were present in the event along with Mr Santhosh Agarwal – Vidarbha region co-ordinator and Mr. Om Prakash Gupta – active volunteer.


Launch of Morning Nutrition program was held in Buldhana district, on 21st September 2022 in 2 schools in Shegaon Taluk – Nagar Palika Mahatma Gandhi School and Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar School and 1 school in Jalgaon Jamod Taluk – Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj School Nagar Palika. A total of 510 children in this district will receive SaiSure health mix.

The launch event in Shegaon was held in the presence of govt. officials and HMs of the schools:
Mr. Nitin Shegokar – Corporator Ward no 2, Shegaon Taluk
Mr. Sanjay Phulore – Education Chairman, Nagar Palika Shegaon
Mr. Sudhakar Diwale – Administrtaove Officer, Nagar Palika Shegaon
Mr. P N Huse – Nagar Palika Officer Shegaon
Mr. Dehankar – HM School no 2
Mr. Surjuse – HM School no 6

Mr. Nitin Shegokar spoke in the event and assured assistance in expanding Morning Nutrition for the entire Shegaon taluk. He expressed his gratitude to the Trust for helping one of the most backward areas in the region.


Mr. Santhosh Agarwal – Vidarbha region co-ordinator also spoke in the event about how the Trust is operating in 22 states and 4 union territories in the country and said SaiSure is being provided all 6 days a week. He also told about the newly introduced ‘Raagi Cereals Health Mix’ being introduced along with SaiSure in few places. He concluded by saying SaiSure is now being provided in 5 districts of Akola, Amravathi, Yavatmal, Washim & Buldhana for around 3000 children.


The Jalgaon Jamod Taluk launch event was held with several dignitaries present:
Mr. Surve – Chief Officer, Nagar Palika Jalgaon Jamod
Mr. Nilay Sharma – PA to MLA Sanjay Khute
Mr. Tenge – HM of Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj School Nagar Palika


Mr. Surve, in the event, assured his complete support on all the administrative issues and his cooperation in ensuring this program to be covered to all the schools in Buldhana district. He expressed his gratitude to Annapoorna Trust for having come to this region with many needy people.


From Annapoorna Trust, Mr. Santhosh Agarwal – Vidarbha Region Co-ordinator, Mr. Om Prakash Gupta – Active volunteer and Mr. Rajeshwar Singh Amar – Active volunteer were present.

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