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SaiSure multinutrient health mix launch at Yavatmal district Maharashtra- 20th Sept 2022

On 20th September 2022, SaiSure Morning Nutrition was launched in Yavatmal district of Maharashtra. 500 students will be served SaiSure with milk.


Yavatmal district is in the region of Vidarbha. Vidarbha is less economically prosperous when compared to other regions of Maharashtra and has hot humid climate with considerable poverty & malnutrition. Yavatmal has been named one of the country’s most-backward districts. Prior to this, Morning Nutrition was launched by Annapoorna Trust in Akola, Amravati and Solapur districts in Maharashtra.

The launch event took place at CEO Office at Yavatmal in the presence of CEO and administrator, Ms. Madhuri Madhavi and Administrative Officer – Ms. Nita. From Annapoorna Trust, Mr. Santosh Allath – National Manager, Mr. Santosh Agarwal – Vidarbha region in-charge Annapoorna Trust, Mr. Om Prakash Gupta, Dr Prakash Nandurkar, Mr. Ganesh Gantewar & Mr. Veerendra Agarwal – Annapoorna Trust volunteers, were present in the event.

SaiSure is a multi-nutrient supplement, a malt-based composition for children designed to meet 50% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of most of the micronutrients. Manufactured in FSSAI licensed, FDA approved, WHO-GMP certified manufacturing facility with highest quality standards, it is easy to prepare, quite cost-effective and can be distributed with milk which is provided by some states at Government schools.

The CEO, Ms. Madhuri Madhavi spoke in the event requesting the Trust to increase the distribution of SaiSure to all 2100 children in Yavatmal urban region. Dr. Prakash Nandurkar, Annapoorna Trust volunteer at Yavatmal region, explained that SaiSure multi-nutrient health mix is very beneficial for growing children and is the solution to hunger. He said the children are not able to study well or concentrate well on studies due to hunger and hence in support of the children of Yavatmal region, the Trust has come forward with SaiSure health mix available in chocolate and vanilla flavours. SaiSure has enabled a far greater reach to the unserved remote geographies of rural India.

A fancy-dress competition was organised in the event by the schoolteachers for which the children had come in attire of Savithri Bai Phule, Dr Ambedkar etc. The children relished the taste of SaiSure health drink given to them in the event.

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