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Covid-Preemptive Nutritional Intervention Programme for needy children in Siddipet and Ramanagara – Telangana & Karnataka states

With the support from Persistent Foundation, Children who are undernourished between 2 years to 6 years will be receiving SaiSure Multi-Nutrient Supplement to boost nutrition and immunity against potential onset of Covid infections. In Telangana state, this pilot project is initiated in Nanganur mandal in Siddipet district in Telangana state and also in different taluks in Ramanagara district in Karnataka.




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Distribution of SaiSure for severely acute mal-nutrition & moderately acute mal-nutrition children  commenced from 10-November in Ramanagara district. Anganwadi teachers across multiple Taluks took keen interest in implementing nutritional intervention programmes on identified SAM and MAM children. 



Nanganur mandal in Siddipet is situated 20 kms away from Siddipet district headquarters. Annapoorna volunteers were in touch with Government officials and anganwadi teachers to identify the severely acute mal-nutrition & moderately acute mal-nutrition children. This programme was possible with the efficient and able support of finance minister of Telangana state T Harish Rao.



Before the start of the project, details of each child were taken in terms of DOB, height, weight and Mid-upper arm circumference (MUAC) in all anganwadi centres in both the states. After three months, the same details would be collected again. Case study would be done to study the effect of SaiSure that has had on children.



Testimonials from Anganwadi teachers, parents and children can be found below:



One of the anganwadi teachers narrated as, “There are a total of 25 children in Siddipet Mandal who have received SaiSure from Annapoorna Trust. We teachers have made note of their height and weight. Post one month, we will take note of these parameters again to see if there is any development noticed in the child. Previously, children would not like milk. Now that SaiSure is available in chocolate flavour as well, children are liking the taste and drinking milk with SaiSure joyfully. We thank minister Harish Rao & Annapoorna Trust members for this initiative.”


Parent by name Swapna of Toranal village spoke as, “The first thing that my son Shreyas asks in the morning is SaiSure. He did not have a liking towards the milk. With SaiSure, he is now taking twice a day. We have also noticed the development of the child in terms of height and weight.”


Another parent spoke as, “My son Joyal is 4-year-old. Previously, he did not like milk. Now he is partaking happily SaiSure with milk. This is like a protein powder for a child’s development.”



Government official at Nanganur mandal narrated in a detailed manner on SaiSure as, “Name of the product is SaiSure which is manufactured by Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust located in Karnataka. It has been given to children at schools free of cost. Partaking of SaiSure has resulted in the increase of haemoglobin count and reduction in common ailments like that of cough and cold. Our finance minister Harish Rao was gracious enough in getting the permission for the distribution of SaiSure in Siddipet district for anganwadi children between the age of 3 till 6. Similar multi-nutrient products available in the market are very costly, whereas SaiSure has been served free of cost. Each bottle weighs 450 grams. Half tablespoon of SaiSure needs to be mixed with hot milk and given to children. Usage instructions are being provided on the label.


Initially this was started in Indira Nagar in Siddipet district. Resident doctors took Hb samples from children before the usage of SaiSure. After a duration of 3 months, Hb samples would be taken again to study the effect of SaiSure on the health and development of the children. My humble request to all of you people is, “COVID will not affect the children if they are strong. Infants would not have enough immunity. This product is offered to children to increase their strength.


This initiative is not taken keeping profits in mind. Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust is providing this product free of cost. This Trust has undertaken many such activities in this state. Children have been provided free breakfast prior to COVID. Now that. Schools are reopened, they are eager to continue the services. This is being done keeping in mind the welfare of the society. We need to make use of this opportunity for our kids. Each kid has now been provided three bottles of SaiSure which can be used for a duration of 3 months.


This bottle weighs 450 grams. If each child is given 15 grams of SaiSure with milk every day, it can last for a full month. This product has micro and macro nutrients and also contains wheat and jaggery. We can ensure a healthier society by providing SaiSure to kids. You all will tell us later how good the product is post consumption. So, my humble request is not to waste this product. I am also using SaiSure for my own children. I am a beneficiary of this product. So, I am advising everyone to make proper use of this opportunity. If the children get strong while they are infants, they will not have to face any problems once they grow up. This is like Boost which is available commercially but differs in terms of aroma and taste. We are expecting our people to make proper use of this opportunity. Thank you.”



One of the anganwadi teachers narrated as, “When compared to previous instances, kids’ height and weight have increased after partaking this SaiSure-multi-nutrient powder. We make note of the height, weight, head circumference etc. of the child every month. Parents are reminding us before the SaiSure box is getting over and requesting for more. Children are more active now and liking the taste of the product as well.”


Another anganwadi teacher narrated as, “Children take this SaiSure powder with milk. For the children between the age of 2 and 3, we are serving half teaspoon of SaiSure along with milk. Parents have given honest feedback with regards to their child and SaiSure. They have noticed, their children are stronger than before and partake other food at regular intervals which was not the case previously. They are enquiring and requesting for the SaiSure jar before this is getting exhausted.”

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