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Annapoorna’s perpetual work – March – May 2018

The team of volunteers led by Mr. Madhusudan Rao Sivakoti, consistently for the past 3 years, cook at the latter’s house every day for 800 children across 10 schools. To ensure that the nutritious breakfast reaches on time, the team begins its day at 5AM!


The Annapoorna Trust team of Vizag, with the help of Sri Sathya Sai Trust for Social Welfare – Vizag, is providing delicious buttermilk to quench the thirst of public affected by the sweltering Vishakhapatnam summer heat every day.


The team has been conducting this activity since the beginning of May, by setting up a kiosk at Nad Junction main road and are roughly reaching out to 3000 people every day using 800 litres of buttermilk. A couple of school children from Anandashram, who are currently having their summer holidays, are also a part of this selfless activity.


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