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Morning Nutrition Expansion in Tirupati Rural,
Andhra Pradesh

On Jan 19, 2022, Morning Nutrition Programme was launched for Government school children in Tirupati Rural, Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh. Annapoorna officials and volunteers started expanding the presence of morning nutrition across 6 mandals in Chandragiri Constituency – Chandragiri, Pakala, Yerravari Palam, Chinnagottugallu, RC Puram & Tirupati Rural by visiting each of the schools and making sure ingredients & utensils are all set up. Proper precautions were taken in making sure the school & cook’s details are recorded digitally.

Annapoorna Trustees personally visited schools in Chenchu Yanadi Colony, C Gollapalli & nearby schools early in the morning during the first week of February. Jayachandra Reddy who is PA to MLA Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy also accompanied the Annapoorna Trustees at Chenchu Yanadi Colony. Sarpanch of Gollapalli – Ravi was present during visit to his village. All these developments made the locals feel connected to the purpose & joined hands with enthusiasm for successful implementation of Morning nutrition across all villages.

Sai Prasad Ivaturi – Trustee & CFO of Annapoorna Trust spoke as, “We are here to give regular breakfast daily. Monday till Friday different varieties of breakfast like Attukulu Upma, Vegetable Upma, Rice Bath, Lemon Rice, Pongal would be prepared hot & served to school children. Every Saturday SaiSure multi nutrient health mix with milk would be served. Please make use of this opportunity & grow in academic career.”

One of the girl children by name Vaishnavi spoke that, she was incredibly happy for having received breakfast at school. She pledged to become a teacher and serve the needy once she completed her studies.

Testimonials from teachers & cooks as below in the video:

R Krishnamurthy – School Headmaster MPPS Lakshmi Cheruvu expressed his views as, “I am very much excited to see my school children who hail from poor background enjoy the breakfast. Even villagers are incredibly happy of this fact. I request Annapoorna Trust to get this initiative expanded to entire district of Chittoor benefiting poor families. Children would be healthy & study well. This is my sincere prayer to the almighty. May his choicest blessings shower on us always.”


Niranjan Reddy – Teacher at Govt High School, Chandragiri Mandal spoke as, “We are happy for having started morning nutrition programme today at our school by Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust. More than 400 children are benefiting from this. The groceries supplied by the Trust is also of superior quality. Cooks prepare the food joyfully & our children are enjoying it due to its superior quality as well.”

Rajayalakshmi who is a head cook at MPPS PV PURAM narrated as, “Of late Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust has started morning nutrition in our school. Due to this initiative, children are punctual to the class and relishing the breakfast. Every child has this breakfast due to its quality. I wish this programme to continue and started in other schools as well.”

Krishna Reddy – School Headmaster MPPS C Ramapuram, RC Puram Mandal spoke as, “Children of our school are economically backward. Almost all of them come to school without having breakfast at their homes & are hence unable to concentrate on their studies. From 14-Feb 2022, Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust has started providing breakfast at 9 am. Children are now coming to school early before 8 am itself. Within a span of few days, we have noticed their health improved due to excellent quality food & are also able to concentrate on studies. My wish is to spread this initiative to entire Tirupati district & then to the state of Andhra Pradesh. This would improve the quality of education eventually. My humble salutations towards the Trust.”


It is to be noted that, many children around Tirupati rural live under extremely poor condition. They are not aware of breakfast. They are used to starting the day with lunch. Demography of this area is extremely hot & dry having very less employment opportunities. There is a usual practice of parents leaving their children under the supervision of Grandparents & go to far off places in search of employment.

It all started with 10 schools in the month of January. Expanded to 50 schools having a strength of 4000 children in the first half of February. By April, we were able to cover 14400 children across more than 190 schools in Tirupati. Annapoorna Trust is committed & working towards the vision of, “Let No Child Go to School Hungry, Ever.” This is a collective effort from teachers and local community as well who have come forward to get the vessels in some of the schools.

Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust in collaboration with Divine Will Foundation – Canada is working towards nourishing the poor school going children in India. Repeated iterations from teachers, cooks & children stating, food being provided is of excellent quality gives satisfaction to all the people who have been instrumental in making this Divine Command executed.

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