Employee Meet After Two Years–The Joy and Updates

Pandemic had been a harsh reality for the whole of humanity. The transient things that we used to value so much looked like an unnecessary burden, and the old adage sounded like a contemporary buzzword: “Health is Wealth.” Yet the magnitude of the burden on the healthcare infrastructure was so much that it crumbled in every country–whether it was a developed nation or a developing one. There was a frantic cry for help needed and at the same time, there was this urge inside many of the inspired ones who wanted to bring solace in one form or the other to anyone they could get in touch with–physically or virtually.


Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust, inspired from within to extend whatever possible help and support, continued its efforts across various geographies.


Schools were shut but not our zeal to reach out to children. We reached out to children through various government agencies to provide dry-ration kits, school kits, and even health kits.



We partnered with other agencies and NGOs to serve food for healthcare personnel, whether it is a doctor, a paramedical staff, or anybody involved in alleviating the suffering of people at large.



We partnered with various foundations that wanted to bring relief to people affected by the pandemic and who lost their livelihoods.



We managed to work from our home through the usage of technology and kept ourselves abreast with various developments and also forging new alliances for more impact. Truly, various video-calling apps and the internet played their parts in bringing this impact on the lives of children–they have become indispensable in our operations.



We also discussed finance, donor relationships, and also how to showcase our gratitude to the partners in a better way.



Truly, a big thanks to everybody who supported us in all possible means!


There could not be any reward worthier than the joy one feels when he/she is able to serve or help somebody. But we would be remiss to not acknowledge that meeting the whole team after more than two years at our headquarters was just the cherry on the cake. On 27 March 2022, we got to meet with everybody from our team.


We met our founder and sought guidelines to grow further so that we could bring more impact on the lives of children. The joy was palpable on everybody’s face because though online video calls can serve a purpose, nothing beats the energy of being in the very presence!


One of the salient points of this meeting was getting to know the operations team–the champions who actually carried out the activities on the field, following all the rules and protocols yet fearlessly reaching out to every nook and corner where the need was there.


The whole team from across India traveled and gathered to meet everybody in person, share the regional updates, and also share personal updates. We talked about the way forward, what more can be done, and also met new members of our team.


We also got updates about the new manufacturing facility that is coming to cater to the needs of providing SaiSure health mix powder as we keep growing and reaching out to more children across India.


As we brace with new challenges everybody and keep customizing our approach dynamically, we shared a resolve to continue working in the spirit of sacrifice and to selflessly serve the children for a better future for the whole world.

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