Volunteers Voice Out – Mr.Hari Prasad

Mr.Hari Prasad (from Rajarajeshwari Nagar , South Bangalore)

Volunteers Breakfast Service Program at Dodbelle and Vinayak Nagar Villages (Off Mysore Road) and cluster of 10 govt schools at Chickballapur Taluk

“Spent  my thirty eight year of prime life in the service of people working for State Bank. There are at least 15 million families needing financial and emotional intervention.  Due to some mysterious reasons, I was deeply stirred by the plight of innocent children.  The problems were essentially, financial (family) emotional (parenting) and academic (quality schools) and health (food and water).  I also found parents when they are weighed down by existential issues, tend to neglect wife and children. But the victim is always an innocent child.  I thought I will dedicate my post retirement life to be of some small help to the kids.  That was an emotional content waiting to be converted into quotient.   I found an opening when our dear Lord threw a challenge at us.  Being in the league of young, energetic and values driven youth in the Annapoorna family, with similar essential, I found an emotional connect in them and things began to happen. That was about three and half years ago.  Today I found myself thinking, exploring, planning and acting all oriented towards the enshrined goal of seeing the children smile.  It gave satisfaction deep inside me.  The mind tasted happiness of a highest purity and it refuses anything lesser.  It’s all happening every day.  This has become as wonderful part of my daily life now.  What more if things go this way till the sun sets on my life, I will like to join you guys again.”



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