Annapoorna Breakfast Programme finds a mention in Vijay Vani newspaper

Translation of the News Extract:

Inauguration of the Breakfast Programme at Mandikallu Government School

Grama Panchayat Government employee Sri M. Ramakrishna said that everyone should join hands with the Government for the development of Mandikallu School children. He gave permission to the Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust for serving breakfast to children going to the Mandikallu Government School. He also spoke about how the Trust is involved in social activities such as education, health and nutrition. Mandikallu is very backward village, he added and urged the local well-educated people to involve themselves in social service activities and help develop of the village. SDMC President Munireddy, Grama Panchayat Member Balaji, Laxminarasimha, M.K Sridhar and Head Master N.A Srinath were also present during the event.

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