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Summer camp at Doddabele village with Oracle volunteers – April 2017

A 2-day summer camp organized at Doddabele village with a team of volunteers from Oracle, saw children from Doddabele village as well as JP Nagar-Ragigudda slum children participating, with a line of exciting activities in the agenda. Oracle Volunteering team, in collaboration with Annapoorna Trust have worked together towards children’s health, education and various environmental awareness initiatives.


The summer camp explored the children’s hidden gifts and talents, revealed their pure innocent minds, and displayed their innate abilities to spread happiness and joy. Creativity and art flowed in the camp with all the innocent ones drawing beautiful pictures what came to their mind. A unique activity, Village Yoga was taught by the volunteers which involved awareness of practicing yoga and feeling of having performed various asanas while engaged in regular household chores. This is an ancient beneficial method of keeping our body energetic and healthy, free from diseases. The most awaited puppet show, bhajan jugalbandi, exercises, skits on various interesting current social topics, values and devotion to God, magic show, dance, and Holi celebrations made the 2-day summer camp enjoyable, entertaining, and insightful!

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