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Saree Distribution at Shree Annapurna Sugar and Jaggery Works Pvt. Ltd.

Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust provided sarees to nearly 60,000 Mid-Day Meal Staff in recognition of their work in schools where Annapoorna Morning Nutrition has its presence. This initiative was also carried out at Shree Annapurna Sugar and Jaggery Works Pvt. Ltd. at Kolhapur on 16th Sept 2023. The company caters to the requirement of organic jaggery to be supplied to more than 25,00,000 children in various states of our country where SaiSure Millet (Ragi) Multi Nutrient Health Mix is served. The womenfolk of the company were provided with sarees in recognition and appreciation of their work.


The company headed by Mr. Sanjaybaba Ghatge – Chairman and Ex MLA Kagal and Mr. Ambarishsinh S Ghatge – Director, Ms. Arundati Ghatge, and Ms. Shobha Mane – Co-ordinator of the Women’s Wing at the factory, were present at the event.

Speaking on the occasion, the Chairman emphasised that the production and packing of organic jaggery are done with the utmost care, just like how it is done in our homes, and said, proper hygiene standards are maintained to ensure good quality. He mentioned the partnership with Annapoorna Trust has enabled more than 150 women employees to work in the facility, which would certainly improve the economic conditions of the local community and additionally give an encouragement for women employees to be self-reliant. He expressed his wish to increase the employee strength to 500-1000, thus empowering the women of this region thereby uplifting the rural community.


Ms. Shobha Mane – Coordinator of the Women’s Wing at the factory, said, ‘Having a job in this rural hinterland is a boon to us, which is helping our family’s economic conditions immensely. We complete our morning chores at our homes and then, reach the factory by 9 a.m., and start working. We wholeheartedly thank our Chairman of Shree Annapurna Sugar and Jaggery Works Pvt. Ltd. and Annapoorna Trust for giving us this opportunity.’

Mr. Anil R Lingayat – Senior Executive Operations, Mr. Sathish Mane and Mr. Sanjay Lokhande – Volunteers at Kolhapur district, from Annapoorna Trust, were actively present at the event.


The uniqueness of this factory is its location in the rural hinterland of Maharashtra, giving employment opportunities to the local community, especially the women. These women are informed about the Jaggery production that is used in serving the government school children across the country, and thus, work wholeheartedly in the factory and with much enthusiasm.


It is very heartening to note that Annapoorna morning nutrition has enabled positive well-being of several families in one of the remote areas of the country. 

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