Meeting with UPMA (Uttar Pradesh Mandal of America) and Department officials at Agra

Mr. Anand Kadali, Executive Secretary and Trustee of Annapoorna Trust was invited and approached on 23 Jan 2024 by UPMA and Department officials to initiate the morning nutrition program in the city of Agra for government school children. UPMA will procure 3,000 SaiSure Multi Nutrient Health packets from Annapoorna Trust for distribution to Anganwadi children over 4 years of age.


UPMA (Uttar Pradesh Mandal of America), a leading non-profit organization in North America for people related to Uttar Pradesh, works towards supporting the education of poor and underprivileged children in India. They work with the UP government to support and enhance Anganwadi across the state. Besides working for women’s empowerment and economic development of UP, they also work towards promoting Indian culture and keeping it alive in the hearts of our children, people, and everyone.


Smt. Baby Rani Maurya – Minister of Child Development and Nutrition of Uttar Pradesh, along with UPMA, led a novel project in training 100 Anganwadi workers at Agra. She is very active in promoting women’s welfare and empowerment. Smt. Maurya, due to her contribution to social welfare, has received many honours from time to time. She has visited Sathya Sai Grama, the headquarters of Annapoorna Trust, and has been instrumental in getting the morning nutrition project started in Uttarakhand state.


Annapoorna Trust has its presence in 6 districts of Uttar Pradesh namely Lucknow, Ayodhya, Siddharth Nagar, Ghaziabad, Bijnor, Noida reaching out to nearly 7,500 government school-going children. With Agra getting added, many more children will benefit from morning nutrition. Healthy children lead to a healthy nation!

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