Ground-breaking ceremony of Millet Processing Unit, Tiptur, 28th January 2024

The ground-breaking ceremony of the Millet Processing Unit was held at Tiptur, Tumakuru district in Karnataka, on 28th January 2024.


Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai had addressed nearly 1,000 farmers who are supporting the Annapoorna Morning Nutrition programme by providing Ragi, which is a millet ingredient for the SaiSure Millet Multi Nutrient Health mix when farmers had visited Sathya Sai Grama few months back. In view of the year 2023 declared as the ‘International Year of Millets,’ the government school children will receive SaiSure Millet (Ragi) Multi Nutrient health mix along with milk as part of the morning nutrition programme. Annapoorna Morning Nutrition programme has reached out to nearly 30,00,000 children across 25 states and 4 union territories in India. In February, with the launch in the state of Karnataka, the number is set to expand to 90,00,000 children.

Farmers and agriculture are the backbone of our society. They work hard to supply food items for everyone living in the nation throughout their lives. Cultivating Ragi crops for the benefit of the good health of the government school children has been the most valuable effort that these farmers have put in. Thanks to their selfless act, lakhs of children are receiving healthy morning nutrition.


Hundreds of farmers assembled at the event. They came to the event as curious observers to see for themselves if what the Annapoorna Trust members told was true and genuine. But on understanding the selfless intention behind this morning nutrition programme, they were delighted to be a part of this. Moved by the cause, they even came forward to donate a few extra bags of Ragi for every quintal we bought from them. Further to this, they were very pleased to know that there would be no intermediaries or commission agents and they would be paid directly for their efforts.


Directly linking the farmer’s produce to solve the problem of malnutrition was long awaited! Annapoorna family has become bigger today by embracing nearly 3,000 families of farmers. Truly, this is a grand witnessing of Vasudaiva Kutumbakham!

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