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Annapoorna Trust Secretary’s address to students of Nagarjuna College on Building Bharath – One Rupee a day, 15th Oct 2022

As we look forward to building a better Bharath in the next 25 years, leading to the centenary celebrations of our Independence, a rupee a day shared for the betterment of the society would go a long way in the process of nation building. An India where no one is hungry, uneducated or unhealthy, is the India of our dreams. The OneRupee app is a modern manifestation of the noble and time-tested practice of an Indian mother keeping aside a fistful of rice every day, before cooking for the family, in order to serve someone in greater need. This is our Indian way of being mindful and helpful to one another.


With our goal of spreading the good vibes that a OneRupee app can change a child’s future, Mr. Anand Kadali – Trustee & Secretary of Annapoorna Trust addressed the first year Engineering students in Nagarjuna college, Chikkaballapur on 15th Oct 2022. He explained to the audience how a small contribution made through this OneRupee app could help the rural community enormously and told how students could get involved in building the nation on the lines of Nutrition, Education & Healthcare. While saying that every rupee contributed towards this cause would benefit an unknown child who is in need of help, he also described the real problems and issues faced by the rural communities including children, for a proper meal in a day, good education & affordable healthcare at their remote locations. He went on to say, “When a child is not provided a proper meal every single day, he or she would not grow to be fit to serve themselves or others. Every child, especially the girl children, who are deprived of formal education in rural communities would be a burden to the nation if they are not self-reliant. When education and hostel expenses of a child in rural areas is taken care of, parents make their minds to send them to these institutions. Similarly, if any child is detected with Congenital heart defects (CHDs), the whole family feels burdened and doomed. They cannot afford the facilities at private hospitals in urban areas.”


He urged the students who are active, enthusiastic, full of energy having more visibility & knowledge of social media to contribute in a big way by spreading the message to more and more people. Instead of students spending a lot of time on negative news, social media influence, they could instead be a part of a noble cause by actively taking part in spreading the news of OneRupee app so that more and more individuals join this mission & make our nation strong & self-efficient.


The students were quite impressed with the OneRupee app and also to know how a small act of service in spreading the news about this app could have positive multiplier effects in the community & nation building. Students with their exuberant energy can contribute to the cause in spreading the message even if they are not able to contribute monetarily.


The impact of a good thought is infinite when it is translated into a good deed that is done consistently over a sustained period of time. It is not the size but the sincerity of the thought that can heal the world and build a better future for all!


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