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Teachers & Students Feedback on Morning Nutrition Intervention – Sept 2023

Annapoorna Trust in collaboration with AWS InCommunities, is serving Morning Nutrition to 6,600 government school-going children across 62 schools at Shabad, Kandukur, and Yacharam Mandals in Ranga Reddy district of Telangana state. Started in the year 2022 for 5,000 children, this intervention has increased to 6,600 children in the year 2023.


In September 2023, Mr. Sushanth Karanth – Corporate communications manager, and Mr. Dhananjay Rao Ejapu – Regional Manager of Telangana state from Annapoorna Trust, visited the schools in Shadab Mandal. It was an enriching experience to interact with the teachers and the students and get to know them personally about how they feel about the morning nutrition intervention.

Some of the teachers and students provided feedback on what changes they have seen over the years.


Good morning to everybody, I am Sri Lakshmi – an English teacher at ZPHS Girls School, Shabad, Ranga Reddy district. Today we have gathered to welcome Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust and AWS InCommunities who serve the children in collaboration with the Government of Telangana. They are providing ragi java, chikkis, and biscuits also. These children hail from rural backgrounds. In the early morning, parents are very busy with the field work and do not cook food at home. The children come to school without breakfast. Naturally, they are not interested in studies. When these institutes provide morning nutrition, their hunger is satisfied, and they actively participate in classes. Attendance at the school has also increased remarkably. Initially, students used to have a dislike to the drink. Our PT teachers and staff motivated them. Teachers also started to partake in ragi java along with children. This resulted in students starting to have Ragi Java. Now they like it very much. They have also stopped taking junk food from nearby shops as well. Nutrition provided during break times not only satisfies their hunger but is also helpful for their health. This fortified ragi java is mixed with minerals and vitamins along with jaggery. Children and staff are very happy and are thankful to Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust and AWS Incommunities. Thank You.

My name is Spoorthi, I am studying in ZPHS English Medium, Shadab Mandal, Ranga Reddy District. Annapoorna Trust and AWS InCommunities are providing us with chikki, ragi java, and cookies which are very beneficial to us. Most of the time we come to school on an empty stomach. The nutritious food served here gives us a lot of energy. We are more active and keener to answer the queries raised by our teachers. We have heard that this morning nutrition started for 50 children some years back and is now serving 3 million children across the nation. We are happy to know about this. Thank You.


Good morning, my name is Jahnavi studying in the 9th class. I thank Annapoorna Trust and AWS InCommunities for providing us with chikkis and cookies. Many used to come to school on an empty stomach which resulted in them not being able to concentrate or reciprocate to the teachers properly. We are very much thankful to both organizations for providing us with chikki, and ragi java during breakfast time which has enabled us to concentrate more on studies. AWS InCommunities has also provided a laboratory room with all amenities which enables us to learn about the usage of laptops, knowledge about robotics, and current technology. Thank You.

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