Reconstructing a Family’s Fortunes!

Annapoorna is very happy to share a true story of selfless love, that reconstructed the lives of an entire family which were in shambles. The Annapoorna volunteers from Kannur, Kerala, apart from nourishing the lives of 500+ school going children through the Annapoorna breakfast programme in Kannur district, have revived the hopes of a needy family with their remarkable selfless service!

Thomas, who has a family of three, hails from Kottiyur in Kannur district of Kerala state. His struggle to help the family’s ends meet was awfully interfered when he was inflicted by a disorder in his legs. His movement got totally restricted and henceforth the family solely relied on the income from his wife’s daily low wages.

Thomas’ misery worsened when his old house got entirely destroyed during the recent Kerala floods. Thus, his daughter’s marriage wasn’t materialising due to the current miserable condition of his house.

The Annapoorna volunteers from Kannur, on discovering the needy condition of the family, resolved to extend help. Under the adept leadership of Sri Satheeshan, a group of Annapoorna volunteers worked towards the cause of reconstructing the house. The group gathered significant financial support estimated for the renovation. The good will from the Panchayat Vice President Mr V P Roy pitched in, and the labour work was done voluntarily which reduced the expenditure. Thus a house was built not only with bricks but with pillars of love and compassion.

Thomas’ family’s joy was further multiplied when the new house hosted the engagement of their daughter on 24th January 2019. Annapoorna volunteers didn’t stop at just reconstructing the house, as they presented an engagement ring and bridal clothes for the bride!

Kudos to Annapoorna volunteers from Kannur for having taken up an uphill task of reconstructing the fortunes of the lives of a needy family!

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