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Relaunch of SaiSure multi nutrient health mix distribution to Govt. schools in Chikkaballapur district – 1st Aug 2022

On 1st August, distribution of SaiSure multi nutrient health mix was reinitiated to all the 1479 govt. schools catering to almost 75,000 children in the entire district of Chikkaballapur.


SaiSure, a health supplement mix formulated by Annapoorna Trust is designed to specifically meet the macro as well as the micronutrients required for growing children. The tasty and highly nutritious SaiSure health mix augments the milk provided by the government in the schools (part of their mid-day meals) and thereby, makes it a wholesome meal for the children. This product is certified by the FSSAI and is manufactured in an FDA-approved facility. It can be easily consumed by simply mixing it in milk and also easily transportable to remote geographies.


After the discussions with the CEO Zilla Panchayat, Chikkaballapur, Sri Shivashankar Reddy, regarding the re-initiation plan, all the 75,000 children studying in the government schools in Chikkaballapur received supplies of SaiSure to be provided to children on alternate day during the months of August and September. Likewise, this would continue regularly in Govt schools in Chikkaballapur district with the support of Government officials. A combination of 5 gms of SaiSure powder mixed with 150 gms of Ksheera Bhagya milk powder (provided by the State Government executed by Akshara Dasoha team) is given to the children.  


The table below shows number of children in the schools in each taluk of Chikkaballapur district receiving SaiSure:




No. of children
















SaiSure has shown positive impact on the children. The teachers, cooks and headmasters of the schools have expressed their gratitude to the Trust for providing the nutritious SaiSure health mix and have requested to further provide for all the 5 days in the week. The teachers of many schools have had a common positive remark that children had been drinking SaiSure mixed in milk, happily and willingly, in contrast to plain milk which they had been receiving earlier. They also said SaiSure is very tasty and the children have been relishing it.

Watch this detailed video of testimonials


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