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Holi celebrations at JP Nagar Breakfast centre – 13th March 2017

Breakfast is a great way to give the body the refuelling it needs after a long overnight fasting period, especially for children as it aids in their physical and mental well-being, academic achievement, and cognitive development.

But many students in India from rural settings skip this nutritional intake simply because they cannot afford it. Annapoorna Morning Nutrition Program serves free breakfast to school-going children every day in many rural areas. Many children have been benefitted by this program in various ways.  One girl, Navya said she used to feel tired earlier but now she feels stronger; Ganesh said he used to just drink water to satisfy his hunger but now he is very happy since he gets banana and milk; Shashikumar very innocently confesses his mother feels government schools are better than private schools since the food is provided free and goes on to say he hardly feels hungry anymore!


These statements by the children stands testimony to the benefits of Annapoorna Morning Nutrition Program. There is no looking back for the volunteers now, can march forward with more zeal and enthusiasm!

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