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Nutrition Intervention for SAM & MAM children in collaboration with Persistent Foundation – Karnataka – 30th June 2022

Annapoorna Trust in collaboration with Persistent Foundation have initiated Nutrition Intervention for SAM & MAM children in Bagepalli & Gowribidanur taluks of Chikkaballapur district in Karnataka. SaiSure multi nutrient health mix would be provided to 508 children for overall development & growth.


Details of SAM & MAM children in Bagepalli & Gowribidanur taluks who are beneficiaries of this intervention is as follows:


Circle, Taluk



Bagepalli taluk circle



Nakkalahalli, Nagaragere, Vatadahoshalli & Hudgur, Gowribidanur






Stunting or low height for age is a sign of chronic undernutrition. 35% children under the age of five in Karnataka are stunted i.e., too short for their age, which indicates that they have been undernourished for some time, just one per cent less than the national average of 36%. Likewise, One-fifth of children are wasted, or too thin for their height, which may result from inadequate recent food intake or a recent illness causing weight loss. This is as per the National Family Health Survey – 5 (NFHS) released on 2019-20. Kids born to thin mothers are stunted and the prevalence of stunting is higher in rural areas than urban areas.


Despite state government having schemes to tackle malnutrition, much is to be done. Annapoorna Trust & Persistent foundation have been at the forefront in joining hands with the state government for enabling a healthier society, especially in the rural areas.

Likewise, Nutrition intervention took place in Gulur Anganwadi Centre of Bagepalli Taluk on 30 Jun 2022. Under this project, each child is provided 3 jars of SaiSure (each jar is of 600gm) of preschool variant since most of the children come under the age bracket of 3 to 6 for the period of six months from July till December 2022. Anganwadi teachers & parents of children are being given instructions for proper usage of this multi nutrient powder to get maximum benefit.


SaiSure, a delicious multi-nutrient health mix has proved to be a boon to many children. It is a wholesome, simple, scalable solution to bridge the nutrition gaps and meet the needs of combating malnutrition. It is designed to meet 50% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of most of the Micro-Nutrients.

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