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Coimbatore and Tirupur get succor in the month of May & June 2020

An ardent volunteer of Annapoorna in Coimbatore went in search of poor families hit badly by the pandemic. He secured bags of wheat and distributed them to these needy families.


The Annapoorna team then traversed through the interior rural areas of Ettaimadai, Perur and Semmedu of Coimbatore district during the month of May. Here were government schools where Annapoorna Trust ran their morning nutrition scheme, however schools being closed due to the pandemic, this scheme had to be stopped as well. The Trust worked its way out to continue its nutrition drive by supplying grocery hampers to all the parents of these underprivileged children. This was done to make sure that no child went hungry in spite of strict covid precautionary measures by the government.


Likewise, On the 23rd of June relief came in the form of abundant groceries for families struggling to cope with no wages during lockdowns and closed businesses. These poor, needy families were from Coimbatore and Tirupur had their children, nearly 500 of them belonging to the National Child Labour Control Rehabilitation Centre. Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust saw their plight and arranged for the distribution of grocery kits. This pandemic had both children and families near starvation, but Annapoorna Trust reached out to as many as they could, sometimes with provisions and many times with a freshly cooked meal, till the situation eased.

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