Annapoorna Volunteers reach out to Kerala and Kodagu!

As we all know, Kerala and Kodagu has been torn apart by the relentless rains. The Prashanthi Bala Mandira Trust with the help of Annapoorna’s volunteers reached out with relief materials to the flood hit Kerala and Kodagu (Karnataka) in eight large trucks on Aug 25th.

Three places were identified for distribution in Kerala: Alleppey (Kuttanad), Wayanad (Meppadi) and Kannur (Kottiyur); and Kodagu in Karnataka. 2500 family packs containing items that could help sustain for a month were sent which should have a social impact on over 10000 people! The team also reached to deep forest areas and ensured the people there received their relief packages.

Over 100 Annapoorna’s volunteers, along with students studying in High School and Pre University (at Muddenahalli) and from Nagarjuna Engineering College near Devanahalli took part in packing and loading of relief materials on to the trucks at Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli. Over 100 volunteers are stationed at the sites in Kerala and Kodagu for the distribution of relief materials.

Each family pack were given the following items.

Food items

1.Rice 10 Kgs 2.Atta 2Kgs 3.Oil 2 Lit 4.Moong whole 2kg 5.Salt 1 Kg 6.Jeera 50 gms 7.Mustard 50 gms 8.Chilli Powder 100 gms 9.Dhania Powder 100 gms 10.Sugar 1 Kg 11.Tea 500 gms 12.Tamarind 250 gms 13.Turmeric 100 gms

Non Food items

1.Bathing Soap 2 nos 2.Washing powder 500g 3.Tooth paste 1 unit 4.Tooth brush 3 units 5.Match box 1 box 6.Candles 1 box 7. Sabena Powder – 500g 8. Sanitary Napakins – 1 Pkt 9. Odomos – 1 10.Towels – 2 11.Tarpaulin – 1 12.Bed sheets – 2 13.Cleaning brush – 1 14. Slippers – 2 pairs


1. Onion 2kg 2. Potato 2kg

Medicines: Basic medicines to handle fever /cold/ cough/body pains

We thank the volunteers for working relentlessly on the ground for our brothers and sisters in Kerala and Kodagu.

We pray that the affected areas spring back to normalcy at the earliest, and assure that our efforts and love would always be there for the disaster struck families!

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