Annapoorna for all-round Rural Uplift!

Annapoorna was launched 6 years back with an intention to serve rural school going children with nutritious breakfast. The successful start of the mission to ‘let no child go to school hungry ever’ helped Annapoorna expand its footprint to cater to overall rural uplift.

While 1,10,000+ school children are provided with daily nutritious breakfast across 1600+ centers in the country spanning 16 states and 1 UT, about 13,000 rural children have been screened for health defects. Also, RO plants have been installed by Annapoorna in a number of needy villages thereby helping 30,000+ villagers with free clean drinking water daily.

Annapoorna’s positive impact has caught the eyes of 15+ Corporate companies who were looking to give back to the society through CSR drives. We thank the companies for placing their trust in Annapoorna.

We also thank our 500+ volunteers and 5000+ support staff for being the backbone of Annapoorna’s success all the way.

We thank you and look forward to all your continued support!

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