Annapoorna Breakfast Seva currently has its presence in 22 states and 3 Union Territories in India. Among them, Puducherry is currently feeding 20k children everyday.

Sep 2017

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Govt of Puducherry

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Sri V Narayanasamy Hon. Ex Chief Minister,

Government of Puducherry

Breakfast is an essential meal of the day since it means breaking the fast after a night-long fast. Breakfast should be eaten like a king. But, in our country, many children have not even heard of breakfast. Many children are coming to schools on empty stomach and find it difficult to study and pay attention at school. Today, Annapoorna breakfast programme is being launched here at Kalaburgi. Initially, in partnership with Adamya Chetana, 10,000 students are going to be given morning nutrition. However, my sincere wish is that it should reach every school in every taluk and every district of Karnataka. For this, the Karnataka Government will provide all kinds of needed support. In reality, this is a program that the Government should be undertaking, and hence we will offer our full cooperation to Annapoorna. I want to sincerely express my gratitude to all the Annapoorna volunteers who have the mindset to offer their wealth, education, and their life itself to society.

Sri Kamala Kannan Hon. Education Minister,

Government of Puducherry

With the blessings of Baba, the breakfast project is happening in the best manner in Puducherry .The scheme implemented by Annapoorna Trust, provides breakfast to lakhs of children, thereby paving the way for their learning to happen.

Feeding five lakh children is a very big achievement in our country. Volunteers are serving with the attitude that the Seva is done to share love with everyone and contribute for others’ lives to the extent possible without any advertisement!

At times when several people are facing inconvenience due to Covid pandemic, the yeomen service of providing basic necessary ration to lakhs of families has been done by the volunteers selflessly.

Let us all pray to Almighty that all this should grow further and reach out to many more needy children and families.