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Joint collaboration with Govt of Puducherry, October 2017

Annapoorna entered into an agreement with the Government of Puducherry under which, Annapoorna will distribute high-quality nutritious biscuits to school-going children at 210 schools across Puducherry and Karaikal. The agreement was sealed after the Annapoorna Trustees met the Education Minister and the Chief Minister of Puducherry.



The official launch of the breakfast program happened on the 24th of October. This program was inaugurated by the Honourable Chief Minister of Puducherry, Mr. V.Narayanasamy and the Education Minister, Mr. Kamala Kannan, in the presence of other cabinet ministers.


In collaboration with the Government, Annapoorna will be providing nutritious breakfast such as cookies, protein powder and other supplements to all the primary school children. This will complement the milk supplied by Government of Puducherry​ to the school children. Through this initiative, we will be serving breakfast to almost 15, 000 children in 152 schools in Puducherry and 5, 000 children in 61 schools in Karaikal.




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