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 Every child deserves a better life; a better life with good education and good nutrition. Good nutrition allows children to survive, grow, develop, learn, play, participate, and contribute. They are the future torchbearers of the country and the world. They should not be denied of opportunities to grow and thrive. It is the responsibility of individuals and society as a whole to ensure each child is given the opportunities.


Annapoorna Trust provides free Morning Nutrition to nearly 9 million government school children across 25 states and 4 union territories. Collaborating with several companies and MoUs with the governments, Annapoorna is working relentlessly to fulfill the vision of ‘Let No Child Go to School Hungry, Ever!’


The collaboration of Annapoorna Trust and AWS InCommunities has been going strong since 2022.


Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) is a subsidiary of Amazon that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs to individuals, companies, and governments, on a metered pay-as-you-go basis. These cloud computing web services provide distributed computing processing capacity and software tools via AWS server farms. AWS is making a positive impact around the world with AWS InCommunities through several programs focusing on the environment, people, and overall wellness.


Morning Nutrition activities


In the previous academic year 2023-24, Annapoorna with AWS InCommunities reached out to over 7000 children to provide Morning Nutrition. During the first half of the academic year, July to Dec 2023, about 6,448 children were benefitted. The enormous support received from the school teachers and the local community due to the positive impact of the program was commendable, and the number of schools increased from 61 to 82, and the number of beneficiary children increased from 6,448 to 7,435 during the second half from Jan-Mar 2024.


These are the details of the Morning Nutrition initiative from July – Mar 2024:


No. of children served


No. of schools


Total no. of servings of SaiSure Millet Multi Nutrient Health mix with Jaggery (250ml/student)



Total no. of chikkis (20g/student) served


Total no. of multi-grain cookies (15g/student)






Some of the Headmasters of the beneficiary schools say,

We are thankful to AWS & Annapoorna Trust for providing daily nutritious SaiSure Ragi Multi Nutrient Health Mix, chikkis & cookies. Prior to the introduction of the program, class attendance was less & children would faint during assembly time. Once the Nutrition program started, attendance improved, children became more active in academic & sports activities. Children who come from far away villages are economically poor & parents do not prepare breakfast in morning in general. We have also noticed increase in children’s haemoglobin levels. Our only request for AWS & Annapoorna Trust is to continue the services for the poor children in the coming years as well.


– Sridhar, Chief Superintendent

TS Model School & JR College

Nedunoor Village, Kandukur Mandal

Ranga Reddy District

We appreciate AWS & Annapoorna Trust for providing SaiSure Ragi Health mix, chikkis & cookies to our school children. Children are feeling happy & tummy full and also showing much interest to eat the snacks. Over the past one year we have noticed considerable physical development & growth in children. We have also noticed improvements in attendance as well. Post implementation of this program, attendance has increased from 75% to 80%. Once again on behalf of the school management our sincere thanks for your donation & generosity for the needy people. We request to kindly continue this programme which is particularly useful for the school children.


– Sri Lakshmi, S.A English

Z.P.H.S (G) Shabad, Shabad Mandal

Ranga Reddy District

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for providing Government school children with SaiSure Ragi Health mix, chikkis & multi grain cookies. This aids improvement of haemoglobin levels especially in girl students. Since the Ragi health mix is fortified with vitamins & minerals, it is aiding in the development of cognitive abilities of children as well. Children are happier to devour the gruel. They stand readily to partake it. It serves as a growth booster for children who come to school on an empty stomach. We the teachers are elated to witness the happiness in the face of poor children. They are usually nutrition deficient. These Ragi health mix, chikkis & cookies are providing the much-needed nutrition. Parents & local community people have made note of this change & are thankful for the efforts initiated by AWS & Annapoorna Trust. Children are now healthy by being physically and mentally fit. Attendance has improved by 12%. Students who usually keep away from school are drawn towards the school by word of mouth & positive developments.


– Sanneella Narender, SA Telugu

ZPHS Mucharla, Kandukur Mandal

We, at Annapoorna Trust are grateful to AWS InCommunities for the unwavering support and partnership that has been a catalyst for growth and progress. Thank you for being an integral part of this Morning Nutrition service initiative.

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