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Morning Nutrition launch for 735 Govt. school children in Nagar Kurnool district, Telangana – 15 Sept 2022

Annapoorna Trust introduced ‘Raagi Cereals Health Mix’ for Govt. School children in Nagar Kurnool district of Telangana on 15th September 2022. The Trust wishes to extend its gratitude for the complete support provided by district officials and Mandal Education Officers to initiate this program in the district. Initiated as a pilot program for 735 children in 3 schools, the Trust has plans of expansion in the coming times.


Finger Millet or Raagi is known to be a rich source of calcium, iron, fibre, high protein, potassium and Vit C, Vit E, B-complex vitamins. Easy to prepare and tasty to drink, this health mix has received positive feedback from teachers, cooks and the children. The cooks need to just mix this Raagi Cereals health mix in the boiling water along with jaggery to give the sweet taste. 10gms of this health mix per along with 5gms of jaggery to make a 150ml / 200ml health drink.


The inaugural event took place in Zilla Parishad High School, Girls in Nagar Kurnool district on 15th September 2022 in the presence of government officials and school staff:

Mrs. Kalpana Bhaskar Goud- Municipal Chairperson

Mr. Govinda Raju – DEO

Mr. Krishna Reddy – District Science Officer (DSO)

Mrs. G Lata – Head Mistress, ZPHS Girls school, Nagar Kurnool

From Annapoorna Trust:

Mr. Anand Kumar Kadali – Secretary & Trustee

Mr. Dhananjay Rao Ejapu – State Coordinator of Telangana

Mr. Janga Reddy – Advisor, In-charge of Nagar Kurnool region & Annapoorna Trust Volunteer.


The dignitaries addressed the gathering and stressed on the importance of nutrition. Mr. Govinda Raju, DEO advised the students to consume the Ragi malt with jaggery and said it is a good medicine in the prevention of anaemia. He also said the District Collector has been conducting many programs to reduce the percentage of anaemia among women and girls in the district and with relevant permission of the Collector and cooperation of donors, this program would be further implemented in the higher govt. schools in the district.


Janga Reddy – Advisor, In-charge of Nagar Kurnool region & Annapoorna Trust Volunteer spoke about the importance of health and quoting, “Health is Wealth,” he continued, ‘Health depends on the food which we partake daily. Ragi Malt is a nutritious diet which contains Iron, Proteins, Vitamins, Amino acids, Fibre, Calcium and Potassium. Ragi Malt is easily digestible diet since it contains the Amylase Enzyme & is suggested to all people of all age groups. It majorly reduces the anaemic conditions among the students & thereby their learning ability increases. The calcium content of this diet enriches the strength of our bones, teeth, and joints resulting in better health & metabolism. This is cost effective & also an immunity-boosting food aiding the overall development of children.”


Mrs. Kalpana Bhaskar Goud, Municipal Chairperson appreciated the members of the Trust for providing the children with Morning Nutrition every day and said it is good for the students.


Mrs. G Latha H M, Headmistress of ZPHS Girls school of Nagar Kurnool said since some of the 10th grade students come for special classes early in the morning without having breakfast, most of them are weak and anaemic. She was thankful to Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust and said this healthy and energy drink would provide the required calcium and iron for these students.


Mrs. N Nirmala – SA Bio Science Teacher at ZPGHS, Nagar Kurnool said how prior to the 1950s, whole grains like raagi (finger millet), brown rice and barley were organically grown and considered a traditional dish until rice became India’s staple food and now, with the dawn of Information and Technology (IT), most individuals stick to a planned diet thus making them prone to also eating instant food. As a result, people are less strong in terms of immunity when compared to olden days. She also explained that finger Millet or Raagi, a cereal widely consumed by the people of south India, is known as a wonder grain for weight loss, rich in calcium & high fibre content. It is the best aid for people suffering from diabetes & a common infant food in south India. She also said, “Babies that are 28 days old are fed ragi porridge (soup or mixture boiled in water) and this aids in easy digestion. This will also strengthen the baby’s bones by providing high calcium and iron to the body. Introducing Raagi malt as a snack or soupy dish in the school children is a very significant and pronounced project handled by Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust.”

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