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Launch of Morning Nutrition – “Raagi Cereals Health Mix” to 25,500 Govt. school children in Sarvepalli constituency of Nellore district, Andhra Pradesh – 13th September 2022

The importance of natural immunity has become more pronounced in the post-Covid-era and nutrition is its main component. In order to raise awareness about the need for adequate nutrition in diet, India observes ‘National Nutrition Month’ in the month of September. A healthy diet is a mainstay for maintaining a healthy body in long run and in turn giving rise to good quality of life. The latest National Family Health Survey shows high levels of malnutrition and anemia amongst mainly children, adolescent girls, pregnant women. Annapoorna Trust continues to address the nutrition needs at various rural hinterlands of India with its mission of, ‘Let No Child Go to School Hungry, Ever.’


Annapoorna Trust introduces ‘Raagi Cereals Health Mix’ to 25,500 government school-going children across 379 schools in Sarvepalli constituency of Nellore district, Andhra Pradesh. Raagi is considered one of the most nutritious cereals and helps maintain good health. An excellent source of calcium, protein, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and rich source of vitamin C and E, high in B complex vitamins – thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and folic acid, it is extremely beneficial for growing children.


Easy to prepare and tasty to drink, this tasty mix is filled with nutrients and has received positive feedback from teachers, cooks and the children as well. The cooks need to just mix this Raagi Cereals health mix in the boiling water along with jaggery to give the sweet taste. 10 gms of this health mix along with 5 gms of jaggery is mixed in boiling water to make a 150ml/200ml health drink.


The launch event held on 13th September 2022 was attended by district officials and Mandal Education Officers. Annapoorna Trust extends its gratitude for the complete support provided by Sri Kakani Govardhan Reddy (Hon’ble Minister for Agriculture, Cooperation and Marketing & MLA of Sarvepalli constituency). In the event, in his speech, he expressed his delight for the service rendered by Annapoorna Trust in providing Morning Nutrition to all 25,500 children in 5 mandals of Sarvepalli constituency. He further explained that Raagi is rich in proteins and the various amino acids present in it, work as a natural relaxant which is very useful for children, especially from marginalised section of society, who come to school early in the morning. He also said the government is eager to support this mission on Nutrition undertaken by Annapoorna Trust.


Mr. Anand Kadali – Secretary and Trustee of Annapoorna Trust, Mr Surendra Babu Kandalam – Regional Manager of Andhra Pradesh and Mr. Dhananjay Rao Ejapu – State Coordinator of Telangana, from Annapoorna Trust were present.

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