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IMPACT of providing Grocery Kits to Mid Day Meal Cooks in collaboration with RIST-PFC – Phase II – Telangana State

Annapoorna Trust in collaboration with ‘Rural India Supporting Trust’ (RIST) and ‘Partnerships For Change’ (PFC) has been reaching out to support the families of 15000 Government Mid Day Meal (MDM) cooks.


As a part of this relief programme during Phase-II of the project, around 880 mid-day meal cooks across various mandals in Nizamabad, Mahbubnagar, Jangaon & Siddipet districts received 1 Month dry ration kits.


Extended lockdown due to Covid has created a lot of challenges. The pandemic has made life difficult for India’s poor population which is struggling for jobs and income. Economy may take 6 to 8 months to come back to normal conditions. Annapoorna Trust in collaboration with ‘Rural India Supporting Trust’ (RIST) and ‘Partnerships For Change’ (PFC) have come forward to the assistance of vulnerable populations like those of mid-day meal cooks, helpers & set the stage for lasting recovery.





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13 June 2021




03 July 2021




07 July 2021



12 July 2021




18 July 2021







Each kit distributed consists of 10kg of rice, 2kg of wheat flour, 1 kg of toor dal, 1kg chana dal, 1ltr cooking oil, 2kg of sugar, 1kg of salt, vermicelli, chilli powder, jeera, mustard and turmeric.

On 3rd July, dry ration kit distribution took place around Induru Tirumala temple premises in Narasingapalli village of Nizamabad district. Sri. Pradeep & Sri. Ramamurthy, Telangana Annapoorna co-ordinators along with Sri. Praveen, Annapoorna volunteer took active part in smooth sailing of the programme. Along with distribution of 295 dry ration kits to MDM cooks, 100 jars of SaiSure multi-nutrient health mix were also provided to children.

One of the mid-day meal cooks spoke on the occasion, “We are grateful to Annapoorna Trust for helping needy people like us because of which we are getting to live reasonably well. It is a big assistance to us and we are very thankful for receiving the ration kits. It is very kind of you to look after our school for the past 2 years. We feel we are very lucky to be the beneficiaries. Your team has sent all the required essentials for preparing food. By God’s grace there is no hunger issue for us now”.


In the words of another MDM cook, “We were living a decent life, we had a daily wage by working in the school and were self-sustained. Now in these times, we are facing a lot of trouble. It is getting very hard to survive. We are looking desperately for jobs, even menial jobs. We are hoping to get back to normal life and work in the schools as early as possible”.


An another said, “There is absolutely no demand for work these days. There is no work since schools have been closed.” Lastly, another shared her heartfelt feelings, “Since Covid times started, the schools have closed and we are not getting any other jobs. We have been sitting idle at homes. Now, due to God’s grace and with the help of your trust, I and my children are able to fill our stomach and survive”.


On 07th July, distribution of dry ration kits took place at Mahabubnagar district headquarters for 103 MDM cooks in the presence of Sri. Srinivas – Local Corporator, Sri. Prashanth – Councillor, Sri. Ram Reddy – Sri Rama Jaya Rama group MD, Sri. Ramamurthy – Telangana Annapoorna coordinator along with Head Master & school staff.

On 12th July, yet another programme was organised in Bachannapet of Jangaon district in the presence of dignitaries Sri. Ramu – District Education Officer, Sri. Bhagavan – Mandal Education Officer, Smt. Shailaja – MRO, Sri. Ramamurthy – Telangana Annapoorna co-ordinator, Sri. Narendar Reddy – Ex colonel Indian Army, Sri. Chirra Sai Reddy – Memorial trust chairman.

It is also to be noted that, Sri. Chirra Sai Reddy is a senior citizen & very respectable person in the area known for distributing school books to around 3000 students since the last three years & also co-operating in serving breakfast to children at his village. He took active part in the programme as well.


In the words of few cooks –


“I am a cook and we feed children in this school with the groceries provided by Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust. We have been very worried because of the lockdown as schools remain closed and we have no income. We are very thankful to Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust for providing us with our food requirements and helping us at this time”.


“Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for giving us all these food materials and understanding our financial situation and health conditions. We are so grateful that you have noticed the issue of school children being hungry during the day and made sure that the children are fed breakfast with proper nutritious meals. Now you are even supporting cooks like us and we are very grateful to you all”


“The grocery kits will help us feed the children who would have otherwise been fed through Mid-day meals in schools. Since schools are closed, we hope and pray to get your continuous support, so that we also get motivated and feed nutritious meals to the children. Thank you so much”.


“It’s been a year since we had any benefits, we are not even receiving our salaries. Thank you for providing us with the food material”.



On 20th July, a distribution event was organised at Indiranagar school in Siddipet town of Siddipet district to 265 mid-day meal cooks. It was attended by Sri. Harish Rao – Telangana State, Finance Minister, Sri. Venugopal Reddy – Siddipet Urban Development Corporation Head, Sri. Raja Narsu – Siddipet Municipal Chairman, Sri. Sairam – Market Committee Chairman, Sri. Ramamurthy – Telangana Annapoorna co-ordinator, Sri. Ramaprasad & Sri. Joji – Annapoorna district operations co-ordinators, Sri. Praveen – Annapoorna volunteer along with other dignitaries.

Telangana State Finance Minister Sri. Harish Rao addressed, “In Siddipet we now have cordial relationship with Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust. This is not limited to this program alone. Prior to covid, the Trust was providing breakfast to Govt. & few unaided private schools and as a result, thousands of children were being benefited. With the blessings of the Almighty Lord, they have been helping people with Love. We are very thankful to Annapoorna Trust for having come forward to help the Mid-day meal cooks at this time of pandemic. On behalf of all the cooks & beneficiaries we express our humble gratitude towards the Trust. We hope that once the pandemic is over, the breakfast programme will resume to the delight of all children”.


He also announced, “There are around 6000 Anganwadi children between the age of three to six in this region. Telangana State Govt. along with assistance of Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust is set to supply SaiSure Multi Nutrient Protein Mix for a duration of 3 months. In this regard, a total of 18000 jars would be provided to children under Covid Pre-emptive Nutritional Intervention Programme. This would help protect the vulnerable children from the anticipated third wave of COVID”. Finally, the minister thanked everyone for this wonderful opportunity & expressed his gratitude towards the Annapoorna Trust.



To know more about Annapoorna’s prevention and relief activities during the covid pandemic, glance through our content and newsletters at COVID-19 Support

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