Immunity Booster Kits for School Children in East Singhbhum District, Jamshedpur

Annapoorna Volunteers started distribution of Immunity Booster Kits from 3rd July 2021 to arm the Annapoorna breakfast beneficiary students and other children from slums with immunity, which may be needed in anticipation of third wave of covid-19 pandemic.
Each Immunity kit comprises of ½ kg Sattu Powder, 30 Ladoos made of Jaggery, Almonds, Groundnuts and 30 Chawanprash Chakash Toffees.
On 3rd July at 11.30 am, the Block Education Officer of East Singhbhum district, Ms. Subrata Mahato inaugurated the programme at Primary School Chota Govindpur. She also visited and distributed the kits at Duwa Colony School both located in Eastern Jamshedpur. She appreciated the programme and conveyed her best wishes as well as her support for the programme.
As of 10th July, the team has covered 8 locations (6 schools and 2 slums) distributing the kits to 550 children.

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