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Engagement with Government Officials in Vizianagaram – 7th Oct 2020

The meeting with the District Education Officer and the Mandal Education Officer of Vizianagaram and Lakkavarapu Kota respectively had positive outcomes. Both were extremely appreciative of the initiatives taken by Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust. Providing a hot nutritive breakfast, bananas, and biscuits to under nourished, underprivileged government school going children, was an act of unimaginable kindness to them. While for Annapoorna this was only fulfilling their responsibility to see to it — ‘Let No child go to school hungry ever.’


The payment of salaries to cooks even when schools remained shut during the covid lock down; the grocery kit distribution, and the giving away of the multi-nutrient ‘Saisure’ packets to needy children; ensuring that the lockdown does not further deteriorate their health were none other than acts of service with love for Annapoorna Trust members.


‘Unimaginable and unmatched support’ as the District Education Officer summed it up.

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