Annapoorna breakfast in Tirunelveli!

Annapoorna made in-roads into Tirunelveli this week, by commencing free nutritious breakfast for children in two schools in the southern district of Tamil Nadu.

The Annapoorna Breakfast Programme was inaugurated on Thursday, July 5th for 120 school children at Dr. Ambethkar Primary school in Thiruppani Karisalkulam, a tehsil in Tirunelveli, attended by District Collector Ms. Shilpa Prabhakar.

Another breakfast programme was launched today (July 6th) at Mandhira Murthy Primary School, Tirunelveli. This school has 30 children, whose parents are town cleanliness workers. The inauguration in this school was attended by the District Revenue Officer Mr. Muthu Ramalingam.

Media Coverage:

The events got a media coverage with Leading Daily ‘Dina Malar’ reporting about the said events a day before launch.

Also, digital media ‘Nijam TV’ covered both the school inauguration events. Links to the news stories below:


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