Annapoorna steps into 7th Year!

Dear All,

Today, 5th July, is a very significant day as Annapoorna completes 6 years of the flagship breakfast programme!

We convey our heartfelt gratitude to the complete team of Annapoorna Volunteers, Head Masters, Teachers, Cooks and other staff, Govt. officials, CSR partners, and the Trustees for their selfless, consistent and strong efforts towards the mission of not letting any child go to school hungry ever!

Currently, we are serving over 1,10,000+ school children across 16 states and 1 UT covering 1600+ Govt. schools and underprivileged centers. We convey our heartfelt love and gratitude to the school children, who have profusely suffused us with their love!

We also worked in helping students undergo medical screening, and also helped some villages with free clean drinking water by building RO plants.

This year, we plan to expand this opportunity to serve children in regions like Gulbarga, Chamarajnagara, Uttara Karnataka, etc. in Karnataka and also in many districts across Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. This apart, many of our volunteers have also planned to initiate the breakfast programme in their respective regions, particularly in Northern and Central India.

Thus, a lot more breakfast seva centres are expected to come up in a short while across various states in the country.

We are excited to step into the 7th year, and we look forward to your continued and valuable support and encouragement in the coming years, to build our Nation through Nutrition!

Thank you!

With Love and Warm Regards,
Annapoorna Team

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