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Annapoorna breakfast seva story covered in Media- Article Published in Eenadu Aadivaram, a leading publication – Mar 2018

Leading Media Publication, Eenadu Aadivaram took note of the noble work being done by Annapoorna Trust to alleviate Hunger amongst School going Children. They published a story in the Sunday Magazine section of the newspaper about our Trustee and Secretary, Mr. Anand Kadali of Annapoorna Trust, a Bangalore-based software engineer, bidding adieu to his 15 years of corporate life to pursuing full-time his passion for service. He embarked on a mission of providing breakfast through Annapoorna Morning Nutrition program to school-going children in a small village near Bengaluru for 50 school-going school children. Today this first step has grown into alleviating hunger for 100,000 school-going children. At Annapoorna, he has been a key driver connecting the objectives of the Corporate Social Responsibilities of organizations and mapping the same to the healthcare, nutrition, educare and sanitation needs of the rural poor.


His noble vision and selflessness are exemplary and inspirational!

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