Meeting with bureaucrats in Northeast India

Mr. Anand K Kadali (Executive Secretary & Trustee of Annapoorna Trust), Ms. Bhuvana Santhanam (CEO of Global Outreach of Prashanthi Balamandira Trust & Sai Global Federation of Foundations), and Ms. Radhika Meruva (Donor Relationship Manager at Annapoorna Trust) met bureaucrats in Northeast part of India.


The Morning Nutrition program was launched by Annapoorna Trust in the Northeast in the year 2021, and today, it has its presence in Tripura, Nagaland, Sikkim, and Mizoram, serving nearly 10,000 government school children. The agenda of meeting the bureaucrats was to expand the morning nutrition program in these Northeastern states.

The government school children are provided with SaiSure Malt Multi nutrient Health mix as part of the morning nutrition program. Tripura was the first state in the Northeast to start this program. SaiSure is a health supplement mix designed specifically providing the vital nutrients and micronutrients acting as a wholesome meal in itself. With several outcomes of this program, like higher attendance, lower dropout rates, improved health parameters, and a marked increase in academic performance and attentiveness, the positive feedback from the school, children, and parents led to the expansion of the program, now catering to nearly 10,000 children.

To further expand and reach out to more children across these states, the meeting with the bureaucrats proved to be worthwhile. On 7th March 2024, the Trust delegation met Mr. Thavaseelan K (IAS, Deputy Commissioner) and Mr. Zunu (Deputy MDM Director) in Nagaland. The very next day, on 8th March 2024, they met Mr. Gyan Prakash (IAS Commissioner of Education) and Mr. Sharath Chandra in Manipur. Also met Mr. S N Chaudhary (Principal Secretary for Education) in Assam on the same day.


It was a fruitful meeting with these bureaucrats for the possible expansion of Morning Nutrition in the Northeastern states of our country. This reach out is a testimony and assurance to the people in these regions that unless we reach out to remotest corners and make sure, ‘No Child Goes to School Hungry, Ever!’ Annapoorna Trust cannot rest.

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