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Uttar Pradesh in focus

Uttar Pradesh is the biggest State of India in terms of population—more than 17% of the population of India lives here, which means almost every 5-6th person in India is from UP. It is estimated that around 1.88 Cr children are there in schools in Uttar Pradesh.


We started our intervention on a small scale by providing morning nutrition in the District of Ayodhya. We are serving 1788 of 27 schools in Ayodhya.

The second location from UP was Bijnor where we are serving around 498 students from 4 schools.


The latest addition to the list of locations in UP is Ghaziabad where we are serving 1145 students from 8 schools.


We are looking forward to more partners joining our hands so that we could reach out to more children in Uttar Pradesh with morning nutrition, taking care of their hidden hunger.

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