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Morning Nutrition Expansion in Jagtial district, Kodimial Mandal, Telangana – 3rd Dec 2022

Subsequent to the launch of Morning Nutrition in Jagtial district, nearly 4 months back in Anantharam village serving 2500 children, and further expansion in November 2022 in Korutla municipality benefiting 9800 children, Annapoorna Trust launched Morning Nutrition in Kodimial Mandal of Jagtial district on 3rd December 2022. A total of 6,500 children studying in 87 government schools in Kodimial and Mallial Mandals, would be benefited. Annapoorna Trust is now serving 20,000 children across 200 schools in the entire district.


The launch event was held in ZPHS Kodimial in Kodimial Mandal and gracing the event were Sri Sunke Ravishankar – MLA Choppadandi, Mr Srinivas – MEO, Mpp Swarnalaya Rajnarsing Rao, Mr. P Krishna Rao – Forum President, Mr. Puli Venkatesh Goud – BRS Mandal President Sarpanch, and Mr. N Mallesham – Headmaster. From Annapoorna Trust, Mr. Srikanth Vooturi – Jagtial District Coordinator, participated.


Sri Sunke Ravishankar – MLA of Choppadandi launched a new sticker of the Annapoorna Morning Nutrition programme, which will be put on view in every school. With this expansion of serving 6,500 more children in Kodimial and Mallial mandals, the Trust has reached a total of 20,000 children across 200 schools in the entire district. Sri Ravishankar spoke to the gathering about how this nutrition drink will eradicate malnutrition and notably increase blood haemoglobin levels. Hence, he urged the children to have the health drink on a daily basis and thanked the Trust for the noble initiative.


Talk given by MLA is as below:



Mr. Srikanth Vooturi – Jagtial District Coordinator from Annapoorna Trust, said it was a pleasure to have such a dynamic leader in the constituency who is very caring about every student and appreciated the way he spends time with the children joyously with fun and laughter. Hence, all the students have learned the importance of the nutrition drink and accepted it joyously.


The MEO – Mr. Srinivas further said there will be blood tests conducted on students to study the difference in haemoglobin levels, before and after consumption of the health drink. 


“SaiSure – Raagi Variant” (Finger Millet), will be given to the children studying in all government schools in Kodimial and Mallial Mandals of Jagtial district. Each child will receive 150 ml of hot delicious and nutritious “Ragi Malt” drink, prepared by adding 10 grams of Ragi and 5 grams of Jaggery to 150 ml of hot water. “Raagi Cereals Health drink” contains significant amounts of vitamin C and E. It is also high in B complex vitamins thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, iron, and phosphorus. With the introduction of this millet-based health drink, Annapoorna Trust aims to reduce undernutrition or ‘hidden hunger’ in children. The U.N. General Assembly recently adopted a resolution, sponsored by India and supported by more than 70 countries, declaring 2023 as the International Year of Millets with the intention of increasing public awareness of the health benefits of millets. The UN dedicates the year to greater efforts in producing millets, given their nutritional properties and resilience in adapting to climate change.


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