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Annapoorna Trust’s reach out to Mid-day meal cooks in Vizag – August 2020

Invaluable to Annapoorna are the cooks who prepare fresh nutritious breakfast for hundreds of children early in the morning.


With the Covid pandemic ravaging people’s lives all over the world, Annapoorna’s cooks were no exception. Their families with earning members being laid off from work, have had to forgo their incomes for months on end. Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust made arrangements to supply these cooks with grocery kits for the next 1 year, every month. These grocery kits included rice, wheat flour, lentils, sugar, salt, cooking oil and essential spices. This gesture-built confidence and reliability in Annapoorna.


The cooks at Anand ashram in Gopalapatnam in Vishakhapatnam district expressed their gratitude to Annapoorna for their continued support through covid. These cooks had been cooking for 900 children every single weekday since the last few years. However, the pandemic brought life to a stand- still, schools shut down and many poor families had no incomes as their lives were disrupted with the loss of jobs.


These Annapoorna cooks who had worked tirelessly during non-covid times appreciate Annapoorna for continuing to pay them full salaries even during the pandemic. They were given grocery kits to make sure that their family members were well taken care of, too.

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