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Daily Essentials distributed in Manoharabad & Hot nutritious food distribution in Hyderabad, Telangana – April 2020

Government school going children and their families in Manoharabad, Jakranpalle Mandal in Nizamabad district were in a pitiable condition. Covid had robbed these families of jobs, incomes, food and even a smile. The Annapoorna team made dry grocery hampers and distributed them, to these needy families bringing back smiles and health especially when immunity was of utmost importance.


8 days of hot fresh nutritious food cooked by team Annapoorna in Hyderabad were distributed to the homeless and hungry. The team got in touch with orphanages, to help them with groceries. While the Annapoorna team of Telangana reached out to various districts, where government schools were under Annapoorna’s breakfast nutrition programme before covid struck. Parents of these children were happy to receive groceries as the strict lock downs made life difficult.


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