Swati Pai

Swati Pai (Home Maker)

Annapoorna Breakfast Programme Volunteer at  CV Raman Nagar  Breakfast center and a cluster of schools in Chickaballapura taluk.

Though Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, for an adult or a child alike, it is always taken for granted and mostly skipped by many. This is more prevalent in poor rural areas as the children go to school with an empty stomach owing to the family circumstances that cannot provide them a square meal, a day. Thus the concept of ‘Breakfast Seva’ was not only unique but also extremely relevant to the current situation of children in villages. Every human has an innate goodness deep within and all it needs is a little encouragement, support and direction by others to join and participate in selfless acts of love. This is precisely what prevailed with many volunteers like me when we joined hands to do seva of filling little bellies with nutritious breakfast, served with dollops of love.

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