Ranjani Thota

Ranjani Thota (Homemaker)

Volunteer at  CV Raman Nagar  Breakfast center

A dear friend of mine was inspired by the breakfast seva at Doddebelle and we started exploring options for breakfast seva in our area CV Raman Nagar. It seemed like a daunting task to cook at homes, collect it and take it to a common point for serving, as it meant that volunteers would need to spend at least 2-3 hours every day early in the morning. We wondered where we would serve the food and to whom. Thanks to the Almighty and support from few more members in our group which helped us to come with a unique idea of  serving food to servant maids children by aligning with the mess in the DRDO colony and serving food right there in the mess.  Suddenly all major operational issues were resolved. It was amazing to see how so many hands joined us later to make the project sustainable.

Personally, it is very gratifying to watch these kids slowly transform like butterflies. I and my kids feel truly blessed to be working with this Annapoorna family. My faith and conviction grew beyond bounds with this experience and I’m inspired to start working for the Annapoorna project.

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