Holi Celebrations at JP Nagar Breakfast Centre

March 2017

The real joy of festivals is in the coming together of family and friends. It wasn’t any different this Holi at the JP Nagar (Bangalore) breakfast centre, which saw the congregation of volunteers and children. Over a dozen volunteers and children celebrated the festival of colours, and in no time drenched everyone gathered in the joy of togetherness and celebration.

The Holi celebration began with a prayer to the divine after which the volunteers distributed organic colours to all children. While traditionally the festival of Holi is not celebrated in a grand way in south India, the JP Nagar children with their enthusiasm and zeal put that belief to rest. They played with colours and water, cheering and laughing so much that it put a smile on every face. Their joy was enough to pull everyone in and soon the volunteers, bystanders and slum dwellers alike had formed an unspoken bond of camaraderie and brotherhood.   

Well, what’s a festival without food? So, once the two-hour long celebration ended, the children were treated with a sumptuous feast. Vegetable fried rice, vegetarian Chinese dishes, pakodas, raitha and chutney followed by ice-cream and chocolates was served to the children. The day ended on a cheerful note, with the volunteers, as always, having received a lot more than what they set out to give and the children, tired but elated, having drenched everyone in the happy cacophony of their innocent existence.





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