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Inauguration of RO drinking water plant in Govt. PU College and High School, Chikkaballapur – 2nd Feb 2017

The facility of RO drinking water plant was inaugurated in Govt. PU College and High School, Chikkaballapur. This plant would address the drinking water need of close to 2000 students. Drinking clean water is the need of the hour for these children as the exams are approaching near. These children were drinking contaminated water from the tank and had frequent fever and vomits.


The educational authorities were very happy with the inauguration of the plant held at the college premises. MLA Mr. Sudhakar attended the function and was very happy with the service rendered for the children. Annapoorna team met the district CEO as well who has given his full support to the breakfast program and other service initiatives. This is a classic example of Sarkara (Government), Samaja (community) and Sanstha (institution or organization) coming together for a noble cause.

With this new drinking water plant, Annapoorna Trust now provides drinking water to close to 12000 people in rural villages.

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